PHOTOBOOTH ART Performance Art by Bethann Shannon
PHOTO BOOTH ART/ Performance Art by Bethann Shannon 1986

Wanting to share some Performance Art from 1986 I did in NEW YORK CITY/ Times Square….
100 Strangers Praying & How To Pray

100 Strangers Praying Photobooth 1986 Times Square

I found myself praying (really praying!) in a photo booth, in NYC, on Times Square, 1986.
I really loved the pictures of me praying and started a series of self portraits. My plan was to take a praying self portrait everyday…but then…
I got curious about other people…

Do they pray?

What do they pray for?

And how do they look when they pray?

I started approaching strangers everyday for 4 months to pray with me.

These are some of the pictures from that series at these links:


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