THE ART ANGEL ~ 5 weeks on the road…

The Art Angel Bethann Shannon painting facesThe Art Angel at Sizdeh BedarBlack Hills Park April 6, 2008Voluntering at Sizdeh Bedar CelebrationI’m just landing from a 5 week art/family and business trip in the DC area. It was really good to get away, as, I have been frazzled.  Yes, art angels get stressed out on earth too! Getting away was just what the doctor ordered! The weather was absolutely beautiful in DC! Perfection! Blessed with good friends & family! Lots of love from sweet children!

I traveled to DC boldly wearing my wings on the Greyhound bus. I handed out pet sperm when appropriate…O.K., if you don’t know me , I make safe sex awareness, sperm shaped products & cartoons… besides promoting peace, love & art…I work for safe sex awareness.

Both my wings and my sperm make people smile…and that makes me feel good.

That’s me in a nut shell!

A big chunk of my trip I helped my friends with their new home & their kids. Had to do taxes & other stuff with my business partner for Widespread Awareness LLC – Safe Sex Stuff.  The rest of my time I rested & visited friends & family.

The highlights of my journey were “THE FREEZE”, against the war, at Union Station. Where at 5pm on March 18th, demonstrators, walking around & looking like regular folk/travelers suddenly FROZE in place for 5 minutes to make a statement to stop the war in IRAQ ( similar to the FREEZE at Grand Central Station organized by ImprovEverywhere).

I’m not sure whom organized this FREEZE, but there was some time confusion…during my 5 minutes of being frozen, someone whispered in my ear “They changed the time to 5:30″…I wasn’t sure if this was a joke or an anti demonstrator or what…weird. Then another person whispered in my ear & I decided it’s true…unfroze & felt a little foolish. I wasn’t alone. Many of us froze at 5pm…we didn’t get the time change message.

I did not wear my wings during the first 5pm freeze but decided to wear them at the 5:30 pm freeze because I noticed many people dressed in costumes. Lots of people wearing PINK from the CODE PINK activists.  Oddly, I happened to have a pink scarf & a pink suitcase! I do support the hard working, pink wearing, peace activists at CODE PINK & get their newsletter via e-mail. It felt good to be part of a peaceful demonstration, with a group of humans coming out to say… stop war & violence.

It was a very peaceful event. I love the silent FREEZING! Very Powerful!

The 2nd big & fun event was Sizdeh Bedar, at Black Hills Park, Germantown April 6th. Celebrating the last day of the Iranian New Year, where it is bad luck to stay indoors! No matter what the weather is…you must be out & have a picnic! I volunteered to paint children’s faces at the event. All day it drizzled and it was muddy! But what FUN! Great music & food and a huge crowd! I loved it!

Hope my friends invite me next year!

Overall, it was a good trip!

P.S. Let’s stop war…PERIOD. Violence hurts us all.

We tell our children to “stop fighting!”…

let’s grow up & find creative ways to solve problems…all violence must end.

3 thoughts on “THE ART ANGEL ~ 5 weeks on the road…

  1. Hi there
    Being a children and animal lover I would like to let you know that I received an email requesting my signing a petition on a web site – to stop the arms getting to Zimbabwe in Africa
    As I’m sure you are aware, where there is war and civil unrest it is the children and animals that are the most vulnerable and suffer horrifically
    Pls will you pass this on to all your friends and supporters
    Art for peace is such a wonderful concept!
    The problem is that in Africa we can’t afford the materials
    ~Hi there~
    Thank you for your response & I will sign the petition. All violence must end…I’d love to know THE RECIPE to make that happen! I guess, one step at a time and all peace lovers making their voices heard. SPEAK UP FOR PEACE!
    ART IS FREE! Seriously, you don’t need art supplies…SING! Create a song together! DANCE, everyone loves to dance & it is a great release for any negative emotion & just plain good exercise & FUN! Write a story together or draw in the dirt or sand with a stick!
    Create with the nature around you! Play “red light, green light, 1-2-3” and have the children freeze & strike funny poses! You can be creative without “art supplies”. Have fun!
    Thank you again for your letter & Best Wishes to You!
    Bethann Shannon

  2. What did the little kid look like afterwards?
    Looks busy!
    I hope I’m responding in the correct space! (I’m a bit of a cavewoman on computers)…Thanks for reading my blog & to answer your query…It was non stop for 4 hours! Children are absolutely beautiful everywhere on earth! Theses children mostly wanted me to paint butterflies & the Iranian flag. Some waited in line for over an hour to get their faces painted & very patiently…I must add! Amazing. Simple things make children happy! Let’s show the children a world of LOVE, not a world of war…it starts with YOU & ME finding peace in our own hearts.

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