THE ART ANGEL – 11/11/11 New 11:11 Character-Juuichi Juuichi & New Country Christmas Song

I recorded a song I dreamt, called “Paycheck Before Christmas”. It’s a little bit country or bluegrass and talks about financial troubles of our times. It is posted on the following links:

I used my cartoon character , Juuichi Juuichi (a.k.a. “11:11”) in the video. My step mom & friends at Amazing Grace in Ballard, Seattle, helped me sing & we recorded it at Audio Logic INC with the fabulous Jay Kenny, who also played fiddle! Thanks everyone involved!

My friend in Baltimore put motion to my cartoon character Juuichi Juuichi! Thanks Elizabeth!



150-dpi-frida-in-heaven-etsy-l-by-bethann-shannon-025.jpg         Wouldn’t it be swell to have Peace for Xmas?

I’m such a dreamer!

But could you imagine, for just one day, all over the planet, not one bit of violence amongst humans?

Not even a violent thought or violent word?

Peace for Xmas is my wish…Peace for everyday – For everybody!

…some part of me believes it is possible!

“People say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…”

John Lennon