THE ART ANGEL – My Favorite Jobs

Lately, I’ve been thinking about this wild ride called life and all the different jobs I’ve had to support me and my true love…ART!

My favorite jobs were…

1) TWA Flight Attendant ~ Wow, did I LOVE that job. It suited me perfectly because I love people…I actually love serving people & love talking with pretty much everyone ! Where else on earth can you find a job with so much diversity? I also love the sky & clouds and I love to travel! I had plenty of time off to make art & play…it was perfect! Sadly, we were laid off.

2) AMERICA’S MOST WANTED TV SHOW ~ Yes! I was a “Hotline Operator” for AMW. I am a child advocate & have tiger mother instincts when it comes to protecting children & always watched that show for that reason. When I heard they were looking for operators & I jumped right in! Met John Walsh a few times at the studio & Xmas party… what a wonderful, kind man he is! I absolutely love him! I know you can see me on one of the old re-runs. It was a great job but after a year I had to quit because I was getting too depressed…you really need a thick skin to listen to all those horrible stories. I am just too sensitive.

3) ANIMATION ~ I love animation! So much fun! I worked at Mill Valley Animation, painting Gary Coleman, Smurfs and Pac Man cartoons & on the movie “The Plague Dogs” , painting cells, old style with Nepenthe Productions. They were the same people who made “Watership Down”. I loved it & I absolutely love cartoon & animation people! Most animation is done on computers now! BooHoo!

4) WORKSHOPS & PAINTING FACES ~ I have several workshops I’ve created that combine art & movement. My biggest passion…I love to dance & paint! Eventually, I will be offering my “SOUL TREK”  dance trance & “CANVAS DANCE” art & dance workshops in Seattle. Face Painting too! I can’t wait to paint some faces! YAY!

I am thankful for all the great non-art & art jobs I’ve had that have supported me to be creative.  I’m learning now, how to animate my characters & hope to have them up on YouTube asap!

Thanks For Visiting!!

Take Care!

4 thoughts on “THE ART ANGEL – My Favorite Jobs

  1. Hey Ron! How are YOU!?! Your travels/ adventures? Your HOT glass? Still in the SW helping the mother unit. I’m starting to think that maybe you ARE way wilder than me! LOL! Safe & FUN travels! BON VOYAGE!

  2. Amazing work life you’ve had Bethann. I think I vaguely remember that you were a stewardess/flight attendant but maybe that was really a false memory? At any rate, I did a search after seeing your energetic flossing on facebook to find a website to link to. I’m posting the floss on my blog and wanted people to come and find out more about you. sending lots of goodness Deirdre

    1. Thanks Deirdre Fay! I love that you posted my work! I have had an interesting life and yes, I was a flight attendant at age 21,(briefly, as many of us were laid off). I did LOVE being in the sky & meeting all kinds of people…but ART was my calling! Making art is my life, my therapy, my love! You can see a lot of my work at Best Wishes to You Always Deirdre!

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